Tips For is the newest, simple and the most addictive game on the mobile devices and internet. It can be described as the cross between old cell phone game snake and In this game, you usually play as one snake in a field of many and your objective is to become the longest and biggest snake out of all of them. If the head of your snake will touch another snake the game will automatically end, however when another snake run towards you, they will blow into smithereens and enable you to eat their remains and become larger. Therefore, the mechanics coming into play. The main goal of the game is to become the biggest and longest snake in the game. Therefore, the write-up intends to provide game cheats and tips.

Use Speed Boost

You should use speed boost by double tapping the screen and holding. This will make your snake to glow and move faster provided you hold your speed boost. It will enable you to constantly lose the length at the tail end of your snake and a trail of small particles will be left as you move. Holding down the screen will enable you to shoot your worm straight ahead quickly.

Circle Up

Circling is vitally important tactic both defensively and offensively. If you are very big then you will end up having more body than you easily directly. Unlike a snake where a long body can mean a defeat and making any contact with your snake tail may not cause any harm. Circling up protects your snake head within your coils and you will be able to eat more food to grow and it cannot die. On the other hand, you may encircle small snake who can make contact with you and die and thus it will leave behind tasty worm that bites for you.

Wise Timing

Many people will be joining the game cheat and the board will become crowded and will become increasingly difficult to grow. Therefore, playing more often will make a great difference in worm density. The game is a worldwide multiplayer game and not entirely transparent where servers region are and you will be able to start noticing ebb on the board during particular times of the day. You should avoid playing during the worm rush hour this will enable you to have a better chance of growing. To enable you find open space along the outer edges where you can graze, use the heat map that is located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Watch Out

When you get bigger, other players will try to find out ways of slipping you up thus you should watch out when you get bigger. You should note that you cannot smash into your individual body unlike other classic snakes therefore if you get outrageously huge you will not trap yourself. You should be careful with little guys. Their lesser length usually assists them to maneuver around your snake head.


The is fun and addictive mobile game globally. Therefore, the above -mentioned tips and tricks will enable you get a high score and outsmart your competitors.

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