Clash Royale Cheats for everyone

Ah! Clash Royale!

Clash Royale basically revolves around building up your town, forming clans and raiding other people for their resources etc.

You then climb up the ladders when you succeed in your tasks in your journey to prove yourself to be the best leader amongst them all. Clash Royale is a game that will expose you to a very strategic and fast paced experience.clash-royale-free-gems-300x227

Aside from the traditional RTS gameplay where you have to maintain careful management of your resources as you build up your town and form your own army, Clash Royale is a game that also relies on your own decision making.

Making a bad decision in Clash Royale can lead a whole lot of loss. Investing too heavily into base defenses while not having any troops to back it up is an example of these bad decisions. Similarly you could also have a huge variety of troops but no base defenses. You have to balance what you have to form the perfect blend of defense and offense.

Clash Royale can be a challenging game at times, one of the challenges we can all relate to is the challenge of being attacked.

Once you’re being attacked you have to know whether or not you can defend.

You have to acknowledge how big of a loss you’ll have to face if you’re defeated so sometimes if the odds are against you it’s simply best to surrender to avoid losing a whole bunch of your troops and resources.

What people don’t know about being attacked is that once you’ve been attacked you also have the chance to exact revenge on your opponents who so brutally caused destruction on your town. You’re bound to get attacked by someone at one point of the game and when this happens you’re given the option of taking revenge on said raider.

The advantage with this is that the revenge feature allows you to completely examine your opponents town before attacking so you can carefully plan out your attack for a nearly guaranteed win. You can make a lot of progress with a clash royale gems hack that will add unlimited resources.

You can spend your time discovering which strategy works best for you… Or you can DOMINATE your rival clans starting… today.

Tips For is the newest, simple and the most addictive game on the mobile devices and internet. It can be described as the cross between old cell phone game snake and In this game, you usually play as one snake in a field of many and your objective is to become the longest and biggest snake out of all of them. If the head of your snake will touch another snake the game will automatically end, however when another snake run towards you, they will blow into smithereens and enable you to eat their remains and become larger. Therefore, the mechanics coming into play. The main goal of the game is to become the biggest and longest snake in the game. Therefore, the write-up intends to provide game cheats and tips.

Use Speed Boost

You should use speed boost by double tapping the screen and holding. This will make your snake to glow and move faster provided you hold your speed boost. It will enable you to constantly lose the length at the tail end of your snake and a trail of small particles will be left as you move. Holding down the screen will enable you to shoot your worm straight ahead quickly.

Circle Up

Circling is vitally important tactic both defensively and offensively. If you are very big then you will end up having more body than you easily directly. Unlike a snake where a long body can mean a defeat and making any contact with your snake tail may not cause any harm. Circling up protects your snake head within your coils and you will be able to eat more food to grow and it cannot die. On the other hand, you may encircle small snake who can make contact with you and die and thus it will leave behind tasty worm that bites for you.

Wise Timing

Many people will be joining the game cheat and the board will become crowded and will become increasingly difficult to grow. Therefore, playing more often will make a great difference in worm density. The game is a worldwide multiplayer game and not entirely transparent where servers region are and you will be able to start noticing ebb on the board during particular times of the day. You should avoid playing during the worm rush hour this will enable you to have a better chance of growing. To enable you find open space along the outer edges where you can graze, use the heat map that is located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Watch Out

When you get bigger, other players will try to find out ways of slipping you up thus you should watch out when you get bigger. You should note that you cannot smash into your individual body unlike other classic snakes therefore if you get outrageously huge you will not trap yourself. You should be careful with little guys. Their lesser length usually assists them to maneuver around your snake head.


The is fun and addictive mobile game globally. Therefore, the above -mentioned tips and tricks will enable you get a high score and outsmart your competitors.

How to play Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a game that will take you on an interactive journey between the real and the virtual world through a fascinating experience of augmented reality. Made specifically for iPhone and Android users, the Niantic and Nintdo labs have collaborated to create a game using real locations in order to catch hundreds of hidden Pokemon in your surroundings. The setting of the game uses inspiration from locations in the real world such as Japan, Paris and New York. Here are some useful tips and tricks on how to play Pokemon Go.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Pokemon language, it is important that you get well acquainted with the terms in order to stay on top of your game. These terms help you get level ups, cheats and boosters in order to help you reach your destinations. They include Pokestops, Pokeballs, Incense and Lure Modules, Gyms, Factions, Potions, Super Potions and Revives, Candy and Stardust, Eggs, Razzberries, and Footprints. To learn more about these individual terms and how to play pokemon go, click Here.


Step 1: Choosing Your Avatar

First of all, you’ll meet Professor Willow who will give you basic instructions and guidance regarding the Pokemon world. Then you will have to choose a character and customize it according to your preferences of gender, physical features, costume etc. and this will be your permanent avatar for the entire game. As you progress as a Pokemon Trainer, you will level up in order to make more Pokemon available for you to capture and use for gym battles.

Step 2: Catch Them All

Once you start to move around, you will know when you’re about to get near a Pokemon through smartphone vibrations. Upon encountering the Pokemon, remember to take aim and then throw a Poke Ball on your smartphone’s screen in its direction to catch it. it might try to run away so be careful to catch as many as you can. Catching more helps you trade off the ones that are least useful and for Pokemon candy because you use candy and Stardust to evolve your Pokemon. Successful capture is dependent on the level and type of Pokemon thrown, as well as throwing technique.

Other Tips and Tricks as the Game Proceeds

As your progress, it is important to remember a few tips to help you play the game.

Firstly, invest in an external battery since the game can drain your battery almost instantly due to being constantly running.

Secondly, the only way to help or heal an injured Pokemon is through potions and revives.

Thirdly, wait till you get to level 10 before evolving your Pokemon. The higher your level, the more boost you receive.

Pokemon eggs are quicker to hatch on a bike or scooty.

Another good way to save battery is to switch off the interface that activates augmented reality.

Lastly, be sure to rely on Google maps for location knowhow. Pokestops may be located in interesting places such as monuments, parks, and art installations.


This game is a great way to not just sit in front of the smartphone all day, but to be active and explore the outside world.

Distribution of Pokemon GO in Italy

Codacons (Coordination of the associations for the defense of the environment and the rights of users and consumers) is an association founded in 1986 to protect consumers and the environment. Its founder and president Carlo Rienzi, who recently reached a very hot topic: the new application Pokémon Go.

Right on the Codacons site you can read the words of Rienzi: “Games of this type represent a real danger because they are used at any time of the day and distract the players from the due attention to the road and the surrounding environment. We think of those who use the app driving a car, but also for pedestrians and cyclists on the hunt for Pokemon who are at risk of being knocked down because you were to look at your mobile screen and not the sidewalk, the pedestrian crossing and the road where they walk ” .

A woman plays the Pokemon Go mobile game on her smart phone in a car in Berlin on July 13, 2016. The Pokemon Go mobile gaming craze reached European fans with players in Germany the first to get their hands on the augmented reality sensation. / AFP / dpa / Sophia Kembowski / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read SOPHIA KEMBOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

And the conversation continues, touching on a hypothesis that will Frustrate Pokémon fans: “In light of recent incidents in Italy we decided to present a complaint to the prosecutor of Rome, to open an investigation for” attack on transport security ” and check if the application in question can be a danger in accordance with the Highway Code. At the same time we turn to the Ministry of Transport to take the appropriate measures necessary for the protection of road users, including – if necessary – the total ban on the dissemination of the app “Pokémon Go” on Italian territory “.

This picture taken on July 26, 2016 near the Louvre museum's pyramide in Paris shows the 'Pokemon Go' app on the screen of a smartphone. The virtual hunt game "Pokemon Go" is officially available in France since July 24, 2016. The smartphone app has now been launched in more than 40 countries, including the US and much of Europe. The free app uses satellite locations, graphics and camera capabilities to overlay cartoon monsters on real-world settings, challenging players to capture and train the creatures for battles. / AFP / Thomas SAMSON (Photo credit should read THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

At this point it is added just the ASAPS (Friends Association Supporters Traffic Police), which through its website required more pervasive interventions, such as more control and more severe penalties for “inhibit operation of the app while driving”, seen as “threat to the system of mobility”. There is even talk of “kidnapping cell for at least a month and extend its ban on the use of the app accompanying persons inside the passenger compartments of vehicles, as well as to pedestrians during road crossings also on the strips.”

Who knows what will be the fate of the much-loved application, untill that  you are safe to use the Pokemon go hack app.